• Jan 03, 2014
  • by Chase McAnulty

I'd like to begin this post with a boastful 'THANK YOU!' to everyone who has become a part of our brand this year and helped continue to grow and share our passion on buttery soft cotton. We are very grateful to have such a loyal following, especially in our hometown of Kansas City.  We are very excited about things to come.


In our first full year with the brand, we saw our shirts pop-up in People magazine, thanks to Jason Sudeikis and Olivia Wilde.  We ran a successful Kickstarter campaign reaching four continents and various media outlets, allowing us to fund our Negro Leagues collection that has only just begun. On top of that, we're truly thankful to all of those who made us a part of their Christmas list. Daily operations around the office have been absolutely insane, and as a small business, we're doing everything we can to remain transparent and keep up with demand, all the while coming out with fresh content and product. Stay tuned for some more goodness launching right out of the gate in 2014.


The new year gives us a chance to reflect and gather ourselves in an effort to progress as individuals in this epic novel that is our lives. Whether you're going to make the obvious choice to lose weight or start that new business you've been dying to dig your hands into, here are a few simple ways to become a better version of yourself and even try some new things in 2014.


1. Take back humanity with less cell phone use

We all have succumb to a tech era where iPhones and Facebook rule our daily lives. Who doesn't enjoy checking in on long-time friends and sharing our daily lives with the social world? It's our way of remaining relevant and staying in the know. But, when is it enough? Try some of these simple rules to help you get back to the real world and enjoy the fruits that are in front of you.


1. Refrain from mindlessly checking your Twitter or Facebook in public settings.

There's always a time to do this, but filling the void of awkward silences with technology is only counterproductive to human growth. Be mindful of the people around you, particularly your family, friends and coworkers. How often do you sit outside a nice cafe and see every couple around you on their phones instead of engaging in each other's lives?

2. Vibrate is only a disturbance to your mental clarity.

Most of us have moved away from annoying ring tones, but that buzz in your right pocket is linked directly to your brain wave creating non-urgent notifications. Try putting your phone on silent and checking it all at once at an appropriate time. When has not getting back to someone within 30 seconds not been acceptable? Keep the focus on what is in front of you and don't give into the the attention your cell phone seeks.

3. Enjoy the moment through your own eyes.

When you pull out your device to snap a quick photo, ask yourself, "Do I really need to take this photo?" Sure it's fun to get a little Instagram time in, but we spend valuable moments in our lifetime viewing special moments on a screen as opposed to fully entrenching ourselves in the very reason we are there in the first place.

These are simple tips, not to discourage you from show and tell, but to encourage you to enjoy life. Not everyone needs to know what you're doing every hour of the day and you're not going to miss out on the scorn of people you hardly even know. Oh and while your at it, take the pledge and stop texting and driving.


2. Create your 'Muse'

Everyone has a great idea, but ideas are just thoughts that typically fall to the grave with you. The definition of a 'muse' is creating a rather simple business to generate extra income in order to reach your ideal lifestyle. This day in age it's extremely easy to get media attention, build a website, find a manufacturer, whatever it may be. See your idea through, even if it's just to gain an extra $1000/month. It doesn't require countless hours and numerous prototypes. The world is your resource, go out and utilize it.


3. Buy fresh, local produce

The adage that eating healthy is expensive is not always the case. Communities from all over have local farmers markets. By supporting your local economy, you're benefiting everyone involved including yourself. The goal to lose weight is up to the individual and whether or not they want to make the trip to the gym each day. However, your diet is just as important and vital to your health. Support local by purchasing fresh produce from farmers in your area. Make it a habit too, it usually makes for a fun time with your family or significant other, and can also put you on the path to making smarter, healthier choices.


4. Be a part of someone's dreams!

As you read above, we successfully raised over $20,000 to help launch our Negro Leagues collection through Kickstarter.com. Crowdfunding has become an incredible resource for aspiring artists, amateur inventors, and young entrepreneurs. Help someone realize their dreams by supporting them through crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter and IndiegogoSupporting a campaign only takes a few seconds, and reward tiers ensure you'll get something out of the deal, too. Along with that, it might inspire you to get rolling on your next big idea.


5. Skip the bar tab and plan your next trip.

How many times this year did you find yourself with a bar tab in the range of $80-100 that you probably could have done without? Useless spending in general is a habit of many of us. If you simply saved $600 a year (6 nights out) you could book a flight to a third-world country like Belize, Costa Rica or even Peru and explore life outside of your daily bubble. How about Thailand? You can find deluxe hotels for under $60 a night, explore ancient pyramids with an admission price of $10, and have lunch like a local on $2. You don't have to spend your savings on an extravagant trip. Research your trip and make it happen, it's out there. Here are some helpful links to turn you into a travel hacker.


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Whoever 'they' are, said that at least 80% of all New Year's resolutions never come to fruition, but that's because we make unrealistic goals or simply have too many. All these options have the ability to improve life in their own way, and in the end, that's why we make these resolutions. Keep it simple and gradually become a better version of your current self. Here's to having a happy and successful new year!