• Dec 10, 2014
  • by Holly Meairs

No matter who you are or where you come from, the world we live in is vastly changing and growing with amazing new products, insanely convenient services and new technology that will take us into the next world. So, once again in honor of the holiday season and that Christmas gift for Tommy you just can't seem to figure out, we have compiled our list as a staff of some of our favorite things for 2014 and beyond. 


The best part about it, they're all relatively affordable and can be purchased in the comfort of your own favorite arm chair. Don't forget to put us on your list as well. There's nothing like a super-soft vintage tee to ring in the new year and put a smile on your loved ones face. 


1. OG Sack - $90

If you haven't learned about this company yet, they are quietly and quickly on the come up in the backpack scene. Out of Denver Colorado, the guys at OG Sack set out to create one of the most versatile backpack, bag, carry-on, duffel, tote, messenger creations on the market. We even paired up with them earlier this year on a special collaboration (see here) with our infamous KC Heart design. Well on their way to consumer success, OG Sack is a step into that new world mentioned above. Convenient, versatile, and quite sexy, it's the bag for everybody.

2. Dohm White Noise Sound Machine - $50

Say what? If you're looking for a life changer, the Dohm by Marpac is quite possibly the best gift ever. This is a fast paced world and the body deserves rest when it's time to hang your hat. Whether you snore until the moon comes out or you're a constant insomniac looking for the fix, the Dohm is the way to go and a welcomed bedroom addition for anyone simply looking to sleep....a little bit better.

3. Timex Weekender Watch - $36

Looking for a reasonable everyday watch to serve its purpose? This is the one for this year. The best products come from the companies who have found sustainability and are able to focus on being good at one main thing. Timex has been in the watch business since your granddaddy was sipping the bottle. Their weekender is a well-done simple watch with style and class. That's what you look for in a watch anyway right? Not to mention, the on point price makes this a thing of beauty.


4. Field Notes - 3 for $10

"I'm not writing it down to remember it later, I'm writing it down to remember it now." Field Notes Brand is a one up to your everyday notebook. If you're looking for the perfect stocking stuffer for just about anyone, share them the gift of a quality notebook that they won't mind hauling around. Go all out with their "The Kit" which includes everything you need to start the year off right, including a calendar.

5. Kansas City Royals Lego Set - $60

Here's a fun one for all. Everybody loves legos whether they know it or not. It's weird I know, but seriously and the people at Oyo Sports create officially licensed teams sets. Collect, Build, and Play and rewind the World Series to make the Royals win! This building block playset is a great gift for sports fans young and young at heart.

6. Ojos Eyewear - $110

Eyewear done simple, eyewear done right. A company we have become more and more familiar with over the last couple of years, Ojos also does their part as humanitarians, something we value greatly. Instead of just giving money to charity, they take things further, creating fair trade jobs, reusing recycled materials, and responding to food shortages worldwide by planting trees. They are a company that seeks to make a positive impact worldwide. Buy 2 at a time and save $60. One for you, one for her.

7. Up Move - $50

We love this company and they continue to sustain themselves with dynamite products. The UP MOVE is the affordable version of the popular UP Band Fitness Tracker. Get fit, lose weight and have fun doing it. UP MOVE comes in a bunch of brilliant colors that you can mix and match with accessories. Clip it on and wear it anywhere. And with an LED display and Smart Coach to guide you, the UP MOVE tracker doesn’t just count your steps and track your sleep—it gets you over the hump and moving on your path to a better you. The new year is a great place to start and the UP MOVE is the perfect gift.


8. Tile Key Finder - $25

It's the most necessary invention since all things necessary. What was once the pride of a kickstarter campaign raising over 2.6 million dollars in crowdfunding revenue is now an item everyone needs in their daily lives. I mean, how many times have you lost your keys on a weekly basis at least temporarily? Never be late for work again because of this reason--yes you will have to come up with another excuse--totally worth it!

9. Filson Travel Dopp Kit - $95

Love this company. They're the original classic and purveyors of well made goods. Filson tromps the saturated market of luxury dopp kits. You truly get more than what you pay for with their timeless Travel Kit that will last you a good chunk of your life. A heavy-duty brass zipper opens to the roomy, well-organized interior of a water-repellent toiletry kit crafted from paraffin-treated, industrial-weight twill cotton and genuine, vegetable-tanned bridle leather. This is the one. 

10. Sock 101 Membership - $10/month

In this day in age the subscription service industry is booming. The guys at Sock101 have structured a great way to stay up on that important sock game of yours and ensure you never have a sockless drawer again. With a wide range of colorways and patterns to choose from, there is something for everybody and they're comfy too. It might be a daunting thing actually ordering socks online, but these babies have our seal of approval on them, that goes for something right?

11. Norse Projects X Hestra Ivar Glove - $145

Here's another item that you probably trade out from year to year. Well, it's time to step up your game. Norse Projects, a product of the cold cold north makes some amazing things for those cold weather months and we're in love with these gloves. With a sleek look, snug fit, and fashionable style, it's the perfect glove to make you forget about all the rest.

12. Fujifilm Smartphone Photo Printer - $150

Sooooo, this is cool! Have you ever just wanted to bring back the days of the on the spot Polaroids, because to me that's a handy thing. If you aren't blasting social media with your photos, what do you even do with them? Most of our storage space is clogged up by multiple photos of...nothing that matters. Well, here's the best alternative ever. The Fujifilm instax SHARE Smartphone Printer will literally print credit card size images on the spot for you anytime anywhere. OMG!


Bonus Gift. Charlie Hustle Tees - $32

We couldn't really get through our own list, without our own product, on our own blog. So, celebrate this Christmas by giving your loved ones a gift they can wear and cherish to the end of all time. Okay, that's pushing it, but our super soft, make love to your torso t-shirts are always an easy going great gift and it's Paul Rudd's favorite t-shirt too. That may not be entirely true, or it may be. Either way, there's something for everyone and we encourage your gift getter to send us a selfie upon the reveal. 


Hopefully this can give you some interesting ideas in your search for that perfect gift this holiday season. For the record, we do not endorse any of the brands or products, just simply like them and think they'd make wonderful unique gift ideas for everyone. Thank you for all your support and Happy Holidays to all.