• May 26, 2015
  • by Chase McAnulty

Over the past four months we have been working behind the scenes on the renovation of our prized 'Hustle Bus' with another local force in Kansas City, Second Life Studios, a group comprised of several young, exuberant and incredibly talented craftsmen.


They've been able to share those talents in collaborations with popular downtown hotspots and national mainstays and their ability to reinvent spaces with reclaimed materials is second to none. They were the perfect match to tackle the task of restructuring our bus into a mobile pop-up machine and we couldn't be more pleased with how things turned out.



For the inside we didn't want to take too much away from the beauty that it already was, but the challenge was to create an all-in-one pop up shop that could easily be managed and stored away when necessary.



First we laid the ground work. We wanted an old school look and feel, the reclaimed basketball court was the cherry on top of that idea giving it a unique vibe, and classic sports feel. 



Extra storage space was important and the Second Life guys did an amazing job of making sense of it all. The Bisley Miniature filing cabinet made for the perfect center console.



After that they added a tracking system in order for the pop-up shelving to slide to the front of the bus and open for business. If you look close enough you will see the silver lining on the hardwood flooring made specifically for the slider effect.



This is where the Second Life guys really killed it with their creativity creating custom shelving with red inserts so shirts can be rolled and sold on the spot. Extra storage was also created to the left with the remaining room they had.



We definitely wanted to keep some of the original seating. The solution was to prop up the seating a touch to add a venting system underneath along with some extra stereo power, a detail that we weren't expecting. Amazing!



Don't forget about the back of the bus. More room for merch and some extra storage behind the shelf to place our precious cargo.



And.....the finishing touches. A 1971 VW Bus doesn't seem right without the hula girl on the dash!


Again we couldn't be more stoked on the outcome. Definitely five stars all around to the dudes at Second Life. We can't wait to roam the streets slangin' merch all over town. Be sure to check out our social accounts to see where we will show up next and come say Hi to the crew! Lastly, a special thanks to Morgan Cooper and his team for capturing the project through it's entirety. We are truly grateful to work with such high levels of talent in Kansas City. Stay tuned for more from these guys and lookout for the Hustle Bus in your neighborhood.