• Dec 04, 2015
  • by Jesse Chesley

Welcome to our first episode of Chuck Chats with Sporting KC and U.S. Men's National Team defender Matt Besler! Chuck Chats is a great way to gain a behind the scenes look at your favorite athletes, musicians, and influential people. What makes this different than just your run-of-the-mill interview is that YOU, the fans, choose the questions! This is your opportunity to ask the questions you've been dying to ask by using #ChuckChats, on any social media platform. We'll have our guest answer your questions and respond in a video, just like this one with Mr. Besler!



Q. @matt_besler_fanpage: What is your pump up song before every game?
M. Late in the season we really got into Bieber. Um, everyone was feeling the I’m sorry song.

Q. @juantissimo: Who is the player with the most swagger on Sporting KC?
M. I know a lot of people out there might think Dom Dwyer but its actually Seth Sinovic. He, uh, he's got a lot of dance moves and we actually have some very high quality videos of him from Dom and Sydneys wedding. So, if those every get released, you'll know exactly what I’m talking about.

Q. @dj_alexreed: Do you really use American Standard Heating & Air Conditioning?
M. Yes I do. If you ever have any air conditioning or heating problems, give me a call and I will come over to your house and I will fix them.

Q. @emmabearden: Do u have a favorite place in KC to eat?
M. Coalvines pizza and Rudys Mexican.

Q. @olivia.white.16: Who is your best bud on the team?
M. Graham Zusi. Me and him use to live together, uh, actually in my parents basement my our rookie year when we tried to save money. We got drafted in the same class and to this day one of my best friends.

Q. @aidan_smarth: Who was your favorite player growing up?
M. I actually was a very big Kansas City Attack fan, indoor soccer and Jon Parry was my favorite player on that team.

Q. @omenkanwasoria14: What was it like playing for the Wizards in your rookie year?
M. I was honored to get drafted back to Kansas City and I had a lot of fun. The Wizards will forever live on in history.

Q. @allison_dailey: Favorite place to travel?
M. Im a big Colorado fan, I love going into the mountains, especially around the winter time.

Q. @mattm14: If you have any advice for kids who want to be like you, what would you say? 
M. I would just say follow your dreams because that’s all I did. I wanted to be a professional athlete and here I am getting to play professional soccer. So, anything is possible and have fun along the way.

Q. @janet_bui: Out of the entire USMNT team who is most likely to win in a Karaoke contest?
M. Clint Dempsey, just because he can freestyle rap and he’s really good.

Q. @grace_gengler: What’s your favorite memory while playing for Sporting Kansas City?
M. My favorite memory is winning the US Open Cup. That might surprise people because I rated that over the MLS cup, but the US Open cup against the Seattle Saunders was our first trophy as a team and my first trophy as a professional.

Q. @tgmanning13: Why are you so amazing?
M. I don’t even know if I can answer that… I might just have to move on. 

Q. @23king29: How does it feel coming from Blue Valley West and staying in your home town?
M. The fact that I get to play here in my hometown in Kansas City in front of close friends and family, it makes it that much better. So, I feel lucky and I’m very grateful for that.

Aladdin or Lion King
Spongebob or Rugrats
Bieber or Drake
Backstreet boys or NSYNC 
Mario Kart or Super Smash Bros
Captain Crunch or Froot Loops
Warheads or Ring Pops
Lebron or MJ
Step Brothers or Anchorman 
C-Dot or Parkins
Global Guts or Double Dare
Hanes or MeUndies
The Sandlot or Space Jam
Bowl or Burrito 
Zusi or Dwyer
The Notebook or Titanic