• Dec 15, 2016
  • by Charlie Hustle




Tis the season to be jolly and a vital ingredient to our collective jolliness is the joy of giving. A wise man once said that 'it's better to give than receive', but sometimes that is easier said than done.  We've compiled a list of ideas to share in our 5th annual 12 Gifts of Christmas list!


1. Tabletop Cornhole - $45

Feeling the winter blues already?  Help yourself and your beloved stave off the cold feelings of winter by bringing America's favorite yard game right to your living room.  Tabletop Cornhole is a great gift for anyone who likes a little competition and also makes for a great Christmas day activity the whole fam can enjoy.


2. J. Rieger & Co. Liquor (Whiskey, Vodka, Gin) - $30

The perfect gift for the family member who enjoys the finer things in life.  Treat them to a bottle of premium liquor.  Whether they're a fan of Moscow Mule's, Old-Fashioned, or the classic G&T, our friends at J. Rieger have a little something for every taste pallet.


Rieger Whiskey


3. Squatty Potty - $25

Be prepared to explain.  If you get one of your loved ones the Squatty Potty they'll likely think it's a gag gift. The truth is, healthy pooping isn't a joking matter.  Revolutionizing the human waste discarding industry, the Squatty Potty has thousands of loyal customers whose porcelain throne routine has been changed forever.  Make sure to show your recipient this educational and entertaining video (don't worry it's SFW) so they know you mean business. Health comes first and this potty accessory is a must this Holiday season.


4. Uber Gift Card - $25-50

Uber everywhere!  If you're looking for an idea for a twentysomething then hit em with an Uber gift card this year.  Not only is it practical, it adds incentive to never ever get behind the wheel after a night painting the town red. 


Ryan Gosling Uber

5. Custom Calendar - $30

The calendar has long been a staple on the Christmas gift go-to's.  Keep up with the tradition, but this year make it a little more personal.  Artifact Uprising will do all the work for you, just upload 12 photos you love, and they'll do the rest.  For a cool 30 bills, you can't go wrong with this sophisticated wood calendar.


Artifact Uprising Calendar

6. KC Heart Water Bottle (In-Store Only) - $24

You: "I'm thirsty."

Your dad or uncle at the Christmas festivities: "Hi Thirsty, nice to meet you."

Don't subject yourself or anyone in your family to this juvenile and pitiful attempt at humor any longer.  Help someone quench their thirst in style this Christmas with one of our KC heart water bottles.  More importantly, aid the fight against this somehow timeless joke and keep your loved ones hydrated in the process.


Heart KC Water Bottle

7. Amazon Echo Dot - $40

Her name is Alexa and she is the most helpful hands-free OS to date.  She is a trusty helper and is eager to make the lives of her new families more convenient.  Wanna bump your jams?  Alexa can help.  Wanna get an Uber? Alexa's on it.  Wanna have dinner ready for you in an instant? Well...Alexa can't help with that one, but she can find you a bomb ass recipe or order you some takeout.  Give a loved one a helper and friend this year by grabbing them the affordable Echo Dot.

8. Tile Slim - $25

Does someone in your family perpetually misplace their phone or wallet?  If so, the Tile Slip was made to protect them from their own forgetfulness.  This product is a match made in heaven for the space cases of the universe and with a holiday sale landing the damage at an economical $25, this gift is as affordable as it is practical.


Tile Slim


9. JLab Earphones - $100

Every workout warrior needs a soundtrack to their fight toward ultimate fitness.  These JLab Earphones are the perfect vessel for sound this holiday season.  Fully loaded with Bluetooth, a revolutionary fit, and undeniable sound quality, these are no ordinary earphones.  Truly the best in the game, don't settle for less this year, give the gift of seamless sound and comfy fit to someone this season.

10. Texture Subscription - 3 month/$10 

The essential gift for the voracious readers of the world, Texture is a sleek and easy to use app that compiles all of your favorite magazines into one.  With over 200 magazines to choose from, Texture gives you full access to magazines all over the topical spectrum.  Most hard copied magazine subscriptions will be at least $10 per month so at the same price for three months, you can't afford not to give this gift Christmas 2016.



11. Ozobot Starter Pack - $59

The capability of the young in's these days to adapt and utilize sophisticated tech is impressive.  For any young gamer or prospective techy offer them this engaging and educational gift, the Ozobot Starter Pack.  And don't worry if you can't figure out how to put it to use, your kids will get the hang of it in no time. 

12. Chiefs vs. Broncos Tickets - $ 100 +

Typically we'd like to keep our idea's under a hundo, but rules are meant to be broken.  Tickets to the Chiefs/Broncos game on Christmas night makes for one helluva gift.  If you're worried about sabotaging family time there's no need to worry.  A 7:30 kickoff will give you plenty of time to open presents, stuff yourself on Christmas ham, and get plenty of quality time with relatives.  You've also got to ask yourself, how often do I get the opportunity to hoot and holler in Arrowhead on Christmas?  The answer: it's only happened one other time in 2004 and the Chiefs were a pedestrian 6-8.  This is an opportunity too good to pass up for you and whoever you decide to gift a ticket. 


Travis Kelce Chiefs


Bonus Gift. Charlie Hustle Tees - $32

We couldn't really get through our own list, without our own product, on our own blog. So, celebrate this Christmas by giving your loved ones a gift they can wear and cherish to the end of all time. Okay, that's pushing it, but our super soft, make love to your torso t-shirts are always an easy going, great gift and it's Paul Rudd's favorite t-shirt too. That may not be entirely true, or it may be. Either way, there's something for everyone and we encourage your gift-getter to send us a selfie upon the reveal. 


Kansas City Classic Tee


Hopefully, this can give you some interesting ideas in your search for that perfect gift this holiday season. For the record, we do not endorse any of the brands or products, just simply like them and think they'd make wonderful unique gift ideas for everyone. Thank you for all your support and Happy Holidays to all.