• Oct 29, 2016
  • by Charlie Hustle

Having trouble coming up with a costume idea for Halloween parties this weekend?  Considering going as “myself”?  Don’t be ‘that guy’ or ‘that gal’ this year.  Here are nine relatively easy/affordable, fun, and timely ideas for this year’s round of costume extravaganzas.



Beloved by all, Netflix's Stranger Things caught the nation by storm when it was released this summer.  An ode to 80’s sci-fi, it provided viewers with nostalgia, heartwarming childhood friendships, and a downright spooky alien presence.  The show is full of great characters, but Eleven is easily the most iconic.  If you have a friend who works at a hospital or doctor's office ask them to snag a gown, and pick up some deliciously frozen Eggos at the grocery store.



Whether you’re an NBA fan or not you most likely saw one Cavs player parade around shirtless for days after LeBron and the gang took home the title.  That player was the NBA’s greatest partier to date, J.R. Smith.  This is a simple and fun costume idea.  Throw on this shirt (or just don’t wear one), carry around a bottle of bubbly, sport a backwards cap, and then just freaking party.    




If we were doling out early awards for who won 2016 Bey would be the clear cut choice.  Starting it off with a majestic Super Bowl performance in February, her year’s greatness has only snowballed since. Bey was at minimum discussed in every circle in America.  If you don’t look like her, don’t sweat it, few do.  Just dress like a lemon or lemonade stand and people will know what’s up.



Pay tribute to the most basic of basic b*tch items, and come as a PSL this Halloween.  I’m not sure how to pull this off other than to take it literally.  Find a pumpkin costume, carry some sort of spice in one hand and a latte in the other, and voilá, you will have completed the transformation to every sorority girl in America’s fave fall bev.



It’s election season, so nothing is more current or relevant than politics but dressing up as Trump or Hillary is a little too obvious and lacks creative pizazz.  Instead, opt to come as a voting booth.  First, douse your attire with red, white, and blue.  Next, find a huge cardboard box that’s big enough for you to wear.  For the finishing touch, write the names of all the candidates on your box and carry around a marker so the people can put a check mark by the candidate of their choice.  Include, Hil and Don, but get innovative and throw some wild cards in the mix (Suggestions: Paris Hilton, Colin Kaepernick, Billy Bush, etc.)



There were many astounding athletic accomplishments in this summer’s Olympics, but nothing will be more remembered than the antics of Ryan Lochte and the swimming bros.  Fabricating a story is one thing, but going on TV with now infamous Billy Bush (lol) and sharing this little slice of fiction took fibbing to a whole new level.  The story got wackier and wackier with each report and finally ended with Lochte, putting his tail between his legs, and telling the world what really happened (he didn’t get robbed).  This costume is simple, pertinent, and humorous to boot.  Throw on a speedo if you have the guts (trunks if that’s too much), a towel over a shoulder, swim goggles, bleached hair, and carry a sign that reads, “Robbed at gunpoint in Brazil, any donations help.”


Fighting off controversies of “popcorn lung” and exploding hardware, it’s been a tumultuous year for the vape.  Cloud blowers all over the country have fought hard to sustain the glowing reputation of their lame looking vapor machines, but it seems the scholastic world’s hunt for flaws has begun to turn the world against them.  Pay tribute to the pursuit of smokeless nicotine consumption by doting something like this…



The movie is a tad dated since it came out in 2014, but luckily the sequel comes out in February so you can be ahead of the curve on this one.  John Wick (played by Keanu Reeves) is a story about a man seeking vengeance against the men/man who was responsible for the senseless murder of his dog.  Sport a black suit with a black shirt and tie and if you have a canine leash up him or her up and bring them out to party too.



When categorizing and stereotyping someone as a millennial couldn’t get any more lame, shock the world and be one for Halloween.  If you are one already (someone between 18-30 I think?) then you probably won’t have to do much but amplify some of the traits you already tote.  If you need hints read this article from 2013, explaining to all those Boomers and Gen X’ers what these young pups are really like.